Introducing the Diesel Axial Smartwatch: Is It the Ultimate Companion for Modern Men?

Is the Diesel Axial Smartwatch Waterproof?

Introducing the Diesel Axial Smartwatch

Answer: Absolutely! The Diesel Axial Smartwatch is designed to withstand water submersion up to 50 meters (5ATM). Whether you’re swimming, showering, or caught in the rain, this smartwatch will keep up with your active lifestyle.


Does Diesel Offer Smartwatches?

Answer: Yes, Diesel has embraced the world of smartwatches with their remarkable Diesel Axial collection. Combining cutting-edge technology with their signature style, Diesel has crafted a range of smartwatches that cater to the modern man’s needs and preferences.



What is the Price of the Diesel Full Guard Smartwatch?

Answer: The Diesel Axial Smartwatch offers a premium experience with its exceptional features and quality craftsmanship. While prices may vary, the Diesel Axial Smartwatch is typically available in a competitive price range, offering excellent value for your investment.


How to Use the Diesel Axial Smartwatch?

Answer: The Diesel Axial Smartwatch provides a user-friendly experience. To get started, pair the smartwatch with your smartphone running Android OS 6.0 (excluding Go edition) or iOS 10. Once connected, you can enjoy various features such as smartphone notifications, heart rate monitoring, GPS tracking, and more.

The touchscreen display allows you to navigate through different apps and functions effortlessly. You can customize the watch face, access Google Assistant for voice commands and assistance, and even use Google Pay for contactless payments.

Additionally, the Diesel Axial Smartwatch offers fitness tracking capabilities, including heart rate monitoring and activity tracking with Google Fit. You can also set goals, receive guided breathing exercises, and utilize alarm settings tailored to your preferences.

With an estimated 24-hour battery life, the Diesel Axial Smartwatch ensures you stay connected throughout the day. The included magnetic USB rapid charger allows for quick and convenient charging, reaching up to 80 percent capacity in under an hour.

In terms of style, the Diesel Axial Smartwatch boasts a bold and modern design. It features a 48mm stainless steel case, a denim blue strap crafted from genuine leather, and a range of special features like a built-in speaker and NFC compatibility.

Embrace the power of technology and fashion with the Diesel Axial Smartwatch, a versatile timepiece that enhances your connectivity, productivity, and style.

Note: The above article is a marketing piece and the mentioned prices and features are subject to change based on the manufacturer’s discretion and market conditions.

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