Smart Watch and Fitness Tracker with Alexa [Reply/Make a Call] Activity trackers and smart watches for Android and iOS with a 24/7 heart rate, blood oxygen level, and sleep monitor

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Alexa, Bluetooth Call, and Smart Notification on a Smart Watch You can make or answer calls by directly dialing the number displayed on the watch’s screen after pairing it with your phone. Alexa built-in can assist you in your day-to-day activities. Additionally, you have the option of receiving SMS and APP messages (Text, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, etc.), ensuring that you never miss any crucial information.


Accurate 24-hour health monitoringUse this smart watch to monitor your heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and pressure. Recognize your physical condition, particularly for demanding or outside work like brainstorming or staying up late, and seek professional advice on how to unwind in a healthier and more beneficial manner. In order to assist you in improving your sleep patterns, the AEAC smart watch also evaluates and scores your quality of sleep.
Fitness Tracker with 60 Sports Modes60 sports, including walking, running, mountaineering, swimming, yoga, trekking, cycling, and treadmill, are supported by the AEAC Fitness Tracker. Record all of your daily activities, including steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, miles walked, and active minutes, and provide professional analysis to help you improve your exercise and daily routine.

Smart Life Partner and 1.7″ HD Full Touch ScreenA 1.7″ HD, brilliant color display makes it easy to see your daily workout. create individualized workout plans and objectives, Receive vibrating notifications for all alerts, including those from social networking apps, phone calls, and texts. With smart notifications that are sent directly to your wrist, you’ll never miss a message. On the smartwatch, you can also change your music and view the current weather.
21 Day Battery Life & IP68 Waterproof.2 hours of full charge support a 21-day standby period. Longer endurance is provided by large capacity and low power consumption designs. Wearing an AEAC smart watch while doing dishes, swimming, or in the rain is permitted due to its IP68 waterproof design.

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